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Leadership Development

Leadership development is more than just a process used to make people better leaders. An organization looking to create a true development culture begins by looking at the business strategy and determining the skills and knowledge needed to meet its objectives as early as the recruiting and onboarding process. Intelead helps organizations ensure that there is an integrated plan in place that recognizes and fosters the growth of individuals' skills, strengths, and talent at all levels in order to meet the business needs.

Change Leadership & Organizational Development

Change initiatives require a process, strategy and above all, ongoing communication. Whether it’s a management transition, company reorganization, or a new business focus, Intelead provides guidance and expertise to help engage the organization and address critical needs throughout the endeavor.


Looking to improve your leadership or sales skills? Whether you are a seasoned professional or transitioning to a new role, you want targeted support that helps you get fast results. Intelead can help you improve your performance, increase impact and influence, successfully transition to a new company or role, or address derailing behaviors that stand in the way of advancement.

Training Development and Delivery

Whether helping develop and deliver a customized program or delivering a partner workshop, Intelead provides expert facilitation that helps the learner get the most out of their classroom experience.  

Competency Development

An effective competency model is aligned with the business strategy and identifies the skills and behaviors needed to be successful in an organization. Competencies can be developed at various levels including organizational core competencies, leadership, or role-specific competencies.


Intelead has helped organizations across a variety industries create models that have been used for recruiting and selection, development, and succession planning.

Meeting Design and Facilitation

Intelead believes that good meeting design and facilitation allows the participants to focus on the content not the meeting process. When the outcomes of your meeting are critical, a well-designed, interactive and properly facilitated meeting can make all the difference.

Partner Programs

Intelead is a proud Channel Partner of Blanchard®, serving organizations with world-class leadership content used by successful organizations around the world.  These are two of the programs available: The SLII Experience™ and Coaching Essentials®.






Looking for your team to increase sales through understanding the true value they bring to their clients? The S.K.I.R.T. Playbook program is designed to help individuals see and articulate their value, and sell more easily.  Learn more here.

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