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The Art of Standing out without Bragging 

I'm honored to be featured in the Leadercast post Balancing Self-Advocacy Will Determine Your Next Promotion by Jeffery Tobias Halter. In the article I offer 20 simple ways to become more visible at work...something we don't always do for ourselves. Click below to read it and let me know what you think.



Sensei Leader Walking the Walk Podcast

KLA Marketing Secret Sauce Podcast

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Pure Wealth

26 Ways To Crazy Profitability

Everyone has their own definition of profitability. In PURE WEALTH…26 Ways to Crazy Profitability the 26 authors share their ideas, stories, and expertise on a myriad of topics that will help elevate your business and increase profitability.  The authors have diverse backgrounds in marketing, sales, and leadership that will help you focus on the specifics of your business.

This is a comprehensive reference manual for every business owner’s desk! It’s a great gift for an entrepreneurial friend, a business owner who could use a lift…..or yourself. 


From Alexis 

I was flattered and excited when Judy Hoberman asked me to contribute a chapter to the anthology. I chose to write about networking as I believe that developing relationships is a key to every businessperson’s success.  In the chapter “The Business of Networking”  I share tips on why, how and where to network, how to follow-up and more. 


Click below to order your autographed copy of the book. 

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