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Lollipop Moments – How Have You Impacted Others?

Drew Dudley calls them lollipop moments. Those times you have an impact on someone and don't even know it. In his TedX Toronto talk called Everyday Leadership he described the time when someone he interacted with at his then University, tells him four years later how he had an impact on her at freshman orientation. The catch is, he didn’t remember the incident she described. I won’t spoil the story, you can watch it here.

I recently experienced a lollipop moment and it blew me away.

I do a lot of speaking on a variety of leadership topics. I did a webinar earlier this year for Fairygodboss titled Women in Business: Secrets to Career Success. At the end of any speaking I do, I always encourage audience members to connect with me through email and/or LinkedIn. After this virtual presentation with over 200 women, I received many notes of thanks. I always, ALWAYS follow up with anyone who takes the time to reach out to me.

So fast forward to last month, about six months after the presentation, and I received an email from Sharon that started with, “I attended a webinar you led through FGB back in February of this year re: career advancement and leadership. You were so kind to write me back last time, and I wanted to circle back and share some great news with you.” She was writing to let me know that she had started putting some of the ideas I shared into practice and becuase of her taking these steps, she was being promoted into a new leadership role.

The email ended with, “I don't know how often this full-circle thanks comes back to you - but you deserve it and I wanted to make sure to say thank you! You truly inspired me to take that first step.”

This email happened to come during a really rough week, so her words of thanks were that much sweeter.

I constantly remind coaching clients that people are watching and listening. We say and do things everyday that may seem “usual” to us or not that inspiring, but I guarantee, it’s leaving an impression with others. Think about how you have been inspired by something someone said or did. If you can think of at least one time this happened, then you know you’re doing the same for others.

I would love that my experience with Sharon inspires you to do one or both of the following:

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing. You are impacting someone each day. As Drew said in the video, society has made leadership one of these big things, while it really is made up of small acts, some we remember, and others we don’t.

  2. Share your lollipop moment with the person who inspired you. If someone has influenced you in your career or life by what they said or did, tell them. I guarantee not only will you make their day, but their reaction will also make yours.

If you do reach out to someone to share your lollipop moment, I’d love to hear how it went.

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