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20 Ways to Stand Out Without Bragging

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Many people find it uncomfortable to talk about themselves. In today's busy workplace, it's more important than ever to find ways to stand out. You don't need to brag. There are other ways to be noticed and make an impression that lasts. Here is my list of 20:

  1. Show excitement with everything you do.

  2. After attending a conference or training, thank your manager for the opportunity.

  3. Write an article for your department or company newsletter/magazine.

  4. Periodically send emails to your manager documenting your accomplishments and areas where you’d like support.

  5. At meetings, ask questions and compliment the ideas of others.

  6. Email articles or reports to others who might find them interesting or useful.

  7. Spend time getting to know all of those in your department and on your floor.

  8. Ask others (manager, peers) for feedback.

  9. Participate in after work get-togethers with colleagues.

  10. Offer to organize and/or present at staff meetings.

  11. Volunteer for projects no one else wants to take on.

  12. Invite new team members for coffee or lunch.

  13. When others compliment your work, forward the email to your manager.

  14. Congratulate others on their success (complete a project, get a promotion).

  15. Always thank others for their help, advice, and when they organize events.

  16. When given a compliment, smile and say thank you while looking the person in the eye.

  17. Smile and say hello to everyone you see in the office (elevator, break room, copy room).

  18. Ask for advice/support from others with appropriate expertise.

  19. Participate in department/company community volunteer days.

  20. Always dress appropriately.

Feel free to share what has worked for you.

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